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BBNaija: Erica Finally Disqualified For Breaking Biggie's Rules, EXPOSED!!! Fans Dig Out Throwback Photo Of Billionaire Son, Kiddwaya And Host Ebuka, How The Housemates Nominated Colleagues For Possible Eviction

"Kiddwaya Doesn't Love Erica, He Is Just Having A Good Time" - Brighto Reveals - Big Brother Naija - Wazobiatalk


Wazobiatalk/General/Flirts & Romance/Big Brother Naija/"Kiddwaya Doesn't Love Erica, He Is Just Having A Good Time" - Brighto Reveals

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"Kiddwaya Doesn't Love Erica, He Is Just Having A Good Time" - Brighto Reveals by Amanda (f) at 10:02am | September 01, 2020
One of the newly evicted housemates of the Big Brother Naija Season 5 House, Bright O, has made his views known on his buddy Kiddwaya and Erica‘s relationship. In Bright O’s opinion, Kiddwaya isn’t in that relationship for all the seriousness it brings, he is just having a good time for the moment. He made this known during his first main interview outside of the house with show host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu. When asked about his advise to Laycon when he asked the fellow housemate to “apply pressure” in his pursuit of Erica, he replied that he wasn’t deliberately trying to cause confusion, and that his input was a genuine advise to a friend in the hope that the lady of interest would notice the effort and reciprocate accordingly. Ebuka then quizzed, “let’s talk about Dorathy and Wathoni, how did that happen?” “I didn’t see that coming… with Dorathy, I think it was when we were playing games, because prior to that we didn’t use to talk,” Bright O said. “I had no intention of going after Dorathy or even Wathoni as a matter of fact, it was just uhm, along the line, we became very close,” he added. https://africaatrandom.com/kiddwaya-isnt-in-love-with-erica-bright-o/

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"Kiddwaya Doesn"Kiddwaya Doesn

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Massive For Laycon: See How Viewers Voted In The BBNaija Finale, Erica's Disqualification: This Is What Cee - C Have To Say, BBNaija: Erica Finally Disqualified For Breaking Biggie's Rules

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