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Doctor Pulls Out 4ft Long Snake From A Woman's Throat In Russia (Video) - Gist and Gossips - Wazobiatalk


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Doctor Pulls Out 4ft Long Snake From A Woman's Throat In Russia (Video) by Omamode (m) at 01:33pm | August 31, 2020
A 4ft snake was pulled out from a Russian woman’s mouth after the reptile crawled in her mouth while she slept. According to reports, the reptile crawled inside her as she slept in the yard of her home in Levashi village in Dagestan. When she started feeling sick, she was rushed to a hospital where she was put under general anesthetic. During her operation, a doctor was filmed removing the snake after inserting a tube down her throat. The female patient was not identified and her current condition is unknown. Locals in the Levashi village say such incidents happen infrequently and they have advised people not to sleep outside because of the risk of snakes slithering inside their mouths. Earlier in the year, a rare two-headed snake was discovered in a sanctuary in India and this discovery has baffled wildlife experts. The rare reptile with two heads was found in the Dhenkikot forest range of Keonjhar wildlife sanctuary in the Indian state of Odisha. It was discovered by Rakesh Mohalik from the Keonjhar district — The snake was a newborn identified as a wolf snake which is not venomous. The startling visuals were filmed by Rakesh Mohalik —a wildlife enthusiast and photographer— who researches about various species of wildlife and identified it to be the rarest form found on the face of the earth. The snake, 14 cm (6/7 inches) long, has two fully formed heads, meaning it has four working eyes and two flickering tongues. Both its heads work independently and becomes a challenge for such creatures to survive in the wild as per Rakesh. “One among the two heads is slightly more developed and both are known to fight over food,” Rakesh added. Two-headed animals are considered in many cultures to be a portent of disaster and they have frequently appeared in mythology. But although they are rare, they exist in around one in 100,000 live births in the wild. The snake has been released back into the wild. https://www.yabaleftonline.ng/horrifying-moment-4ft-snake-pulled-womans-throat-crawled-mouth-slept/

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Doctor Pulls Out 4ft Long Snake From A WomanDoctor Pulls Out 4ft Long Snake From A Woman

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