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Kiddwaya Tells Erica Again: "We Have Nothing In Common" - Big Brother Naija - Wazobiatalk


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Kiddwaya Tells Erica Again: "We Have Nothing In Common" by Omamode (m) at 09:17pm | September 01, 2020
Big Brother Naija, BBNaija 2020 housemate, Kiddwaya has told Erica that they have nothing in common. This came as a shock to Erica who felt it was not the right thing to say to someone he likes and in a ‘situationship’ with. However, Kiddwaya on Tuesday morning explained further, saying he does not have anything in common with Erica because she’s from a different background. He, however, mentioned that Nengi, Vee and Tolanibaj are the only housemates he has something in common with. Kiddwaya said: “We don’t have anything in common. Don’t get it wrong, I mean this in terms of background and other things. “I have something in common with Nengi, Vee and Tolanibaj because we have almost the same experiences. “But me and you have similar personalities. I’m not going deep but when we have conversations, I connect with these people more.” Erica is currently the head of house while Kiddwaya is selected among five others for eviction. http://community.thenationonlineng.net/forum/we-don-t-have-anything-in-common-kiddwaya-tells-erica?xg_source=facebook

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Kiddwaya Tells Erica Again: "We Have Nothing In Common"

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