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VIDEOS: Erica Threatens To Kill Laycon After The Show - Big Brother Naija - Wazobiatalk


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VIDEOS: Erica Threatens To Kill Laycon After The Show by Omamode (m) at 11:47am | September 06, 2020
Erica not only abused and bodyshamed Laycon on National TV but also pledged to do everything she can to make sure he suffers in this life. In her words, "How will i be attracted to you? Look at the way you look. Idiot. If you ever call my name again Laycon, you will regret it. You don't have anything to trend with. " Why is Ebuka calling him and talking about Erica? Every Sunday, it is always Erica."

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VIDEOS: Erica Threatens To Kill Laycon After The Show

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