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26 Nov, 2020.
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Old threads / Wazobiatalk Forum Privacy Policies
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Ghost(m) Started: Wazobiatalk Forum Privacy Policies
Old threads
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Welcome to Wazobiatalk forum, an online discussion platform for Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria and where our users privacy is a priority to us at the forum's administrative end. We understand that as a forum, users will be required to create accounts representing their visibility on the platform so as to enable them create posts, replies and etcetera and, as such, we ensure their online accounts are safe and their privacies maintained. That is why, we don't request neither share sensitive information regarding our users to any third party as they are also at the discretion of providing the personal information they are willing to share to other users and guests. The popular user's profiles have been designed to ensure that only information of no harm to profile owners are shown while allowing users to also be at the discretion of delimiting the degree of information and activities, account viewers can access. We prioritize our users privacies and as such we don't display their email addresses while at the same time, an individual user can enable or disable the option for 'Private Messaging' via electronic mail (email). In essence, existing and potential forum users are assured of the strict respect for their privacy and are reminded that the forum was built in such a manner as to follow this path. Cheers... Joseph Omamode

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