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18 Jan, 2021.
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Politics / My Experience Today At One Of The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Centres
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Ghost(m) Started: My Experience Today At One Of The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Centres
Posted: 2mons ago
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When the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) announced it's plan to implement the use of the National ID numbers in it's applicants' registration, I was an individual, who was always ready to stand against this policy or motive at any given moment in time. Even when JAMB insisted that those opposing the policy were fraudsters and students with intentions of carrying out various degrees of examination malpractice, deep within me, I knew my reasons were not in alignment with whatever they listed rather it was just simply because of how it will affect and stop many students from partaking in the exercise afterall I am in my third year in the University and have no business with student registration in any portal. For the past three years i.e since 2017, I have been fighting to obtain just a temporary NIMC slip and every attempt have just been unsuccessful. My first attempt was before entering my first year in the University(2017). I did the registration, was issued a tracking ID and was told to return in two weeks time but getting back, another excuse pop up. Same goes with other attempts. Now, imagine the chances of the over a million JAMB prospective applicants being able to obtain one and register to sit the UTME examination. With all said, today was more like a new aura to me. There was this centre I have been hearing about but due to my frustration so far, I was sceptical whether to try it or not. Finally, I just decided to try it out and lo and behold, I got there, shew the team my tracking 🆔 and in no distant time, I got my temporary slip. I also noticed that unlike before, immediately you are done with your registration, you will be issued the temporary slip and it took me 3years just to obtain it o. I was really amazed and hope this change is being effected nationwide. I think if getting the ID can be made easier nationwide, JAMB can proceed and implement it's use in their next exercise. Thanks for reading and pardon my grammatical errors... Pics Below!!! Thread Image Attachment Thread Image Attachment

Amanda(f) Replied: My Experience Today At One Of The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Centres - 2mons ago
Nice one sir

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