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18 Jan, 2021.
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Education / How To Pass The Nigerian Defence Academy Entrance Examination (NDAEE)
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Ghost(m) Started: How To Pass The Nigerian Defence Academy Entrance Examination (NDAEE)
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Thread Image Attachment The Nigerian defence academy is the prestigious Nigeria military university for training officer cadet that will later command the men or other ranks of the Nigerian armed forces in order to achieve it mandate of defending the Nigerian territory. The institution was established in 1964 and over the years, it has always proud itself as the premier military institution in West Africa and the mother of all African armed forces. Each year, the institution admits officer cadets who shall embark on a five-year training course that will lead to the award of degrees in respective fields and a commissioning into the armed forces upon it completion after passing stringent conditions which includes the Nigerian Defence Academy Entrance Examination(NDAEE). The examination is one of the toughest in the country and the toughest in getting admission and the toughest of entrance examinations into any institution not really because of it questions but due to the population of candidates sitting the exams and those that will be shortlisted as it is usually in the ratio of 100:3 i.e over 100 thousand candidates may write the exam across the country but just a handful of 3 thousand and above may be selected. This means candidates who are really determine to proceed to the next level in gaining admission(The Armed Forces Selection Board ) should strive hard and employ stringent method to see their dreams come true. With respect to the above, these are some of the proven method of passing and not only passing the NDAEE but getting shortlisted in the 50-man AFSB list because passing NDAEE means seeing your name on the list. Thread Image Attachment Know What You Are Doing The first step in doing something right to achieve desirable results is to know what you are doing. Know your weaknesses and work on them. Since the exam involves the selection of various four subjects, it now boils down to you selecting the best you can do best. Read and learn to understand what you are reading. NDA Compendium For familiarity purpose, there exist various compilations of past exam questions and answers. Take advantage of them by using them as learning aids and a medium for testing oneself. Do not buy with the intention of craming their contents as doing this will not only mess you up but also confuse you. It is true that there is usually repetition of past questions but we believe understanding the past questions itself is the best. Be Prepared It is a military examination being conducted by the military, so be prepared both for the worst as you may be stress up even before the exam and their 3 hours ending up being one and a half hour because once some candidates starts disturbing for submission, everyone will thereafter be oblige to submit. Be Calm And Don't Play Too Smart Be calm and relax on the exam date so that you don't rush choosing wrong answers to those you could have pass with a thorough consideration. Consider your answers very carefully before ticking your answer sheet and don't play too smart e.g I want everybody to see me as the first individual to finish. Remember nobody knows and sends you until you get to AFSB list. Finishing first won't get you on the list. Carry Required Materials Carry required materials in order to avoid stressing yourself up on that day trying to meet up with mistakes. Some of the necessary materials are Two postcard photographs Pencils and eraser Examination Admission card Acknowledgement form JAMB result slip Ensure all these and others are all in place. Write Your Exam Number Correctly In all the exam answer sheet, there are various spaces where you are required to fill in your exam and registration number. Make sure you read and fill them out. Follow Instructions As usual, it is a military setting and inability to adhere to instructions do usually attract some penalties. So make sure you follow instructions e.g : Get to exam center on time even if another state was allocated as center because many will be driven home for late coming. Do not talk during the exam. Start exam only when you are told to do so. Raise your hand if you need any help. Pray One cannot leave the God-factor out of this for if it is his will, you will be shortlisted.

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