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18 Jan, 2021.
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Dating & Romance / FOR GUYS: Here Are Signs To Know If Your Partner Is Satisfied
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Ghost(m) Started: FOR GUYS: Here Are Signs To Know If Your Partner Is Satisfied
Dating & Romance
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For every relationship, no matter how long you’ve been together, how often you have sex or how many things you’ve been through, there are some fundamentals must-haves to keep your love strong and healthy. In addition to communicating effectively and honestly, supporting one another’s goals, opinions, and perspectives, respecting each other and your respective families and friends, sexual compatibility is also one of the pillars that glue your union together. According to AskMen, below are the signs to know you’ve satisfied your spouse in bed. 1) She’s Satisfied If She’s Making Involuntary Noises Though your go-to porn and mostly any movie you watch that depicts a sex scene often has a woman screaming at the top of her lungs while getting it on, the real life experience is likely pretty different. And you know what? Experts say that’s a good thing! Instead of the grand finale performance, Singer says to listen for the involuntary noises that she exudes during pre-intimacy and throughout intercourse. “Moans, groans and yummy sounds are great feedback and you will get clear signals as her vocalizations intensify,” Singer explains. If when you start kissing her ear, you feel her tense up and grab at you, and sighs, keep going. But if you’re fingering her and she sounds like she’s responding only for your effect, move onto another part of her that will get her going – like her clitoris. 2) She’s Satisfied If She’s Making Eye Contact Though you might be turned on by her fit stomach, her perky bottom, or her round breasts, when you really love someone and feel connected to them very intimately, eyes often become a body part that turns you on the most. Staring into one another eyes not only build your connection to one another but can be a very intense way to make love and to watch for her indicators of sexual fulfillment. "The eyes are extremely expressive and a very good visual guide to see if she is getting her groove on! You can easily gauge what’s going on in her head when you look into her eyes while making love with you,” Singer says. 3) She’s Satisfied If She’s Letting Herself Go Being comfortable in bed is — luckily! — something that takes practice. Familiarity, while often gets a bad reputation for being boring, is actually an essential of a really, really good time in bed. A good sign that your woman is enjoying herself in the bedroom is that she’s let her thoughts, worries, and hesitations go when she’s with you. A way to figure this out is to listen to her breathing, Singer suggests. “Breathing intensity is one of the easiest things to be aware of and is a great way to monitor where she is at. As her pleasure increases, so does her breathing rate. Breaths will eventually get shorter and quicker, often with a gasping vibe,” she says. 4) She’s Satisfied If She’s Initiating Sex, Too In a balanced relationship, both parties make an effort to get things going. That’s why Michael says a happy partner who is satisfied in bed will jump your bones on the regular. Michael explains that a thirst to be with you intimately means that she’s — obviously! — enjoying herself and that she desires your touch. You might also notice that when she’s with you, her body language is natural and erotic: “Check to see if she’s arching her back, using her hands to guide you, holding your butt while you’re on top and moving with you,” Michael notes. “This speaks volumes about her satisfaction.” Thread Image Attachment

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